Silk House in the National Media

Silk House In The Media

New Attitude AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 

Miami Herald - Silk House Announces Breakthrough Exfoliating Cleanser For Glowing Skin
The Salt Lake Tribune - New Attitude Exfoliating Cleanser from Silk House is Turning Heads
Fox Carolina - Silk House by Emily Jean Introduces New Exfoliator to Restore Skin
Boston Herald - Groundbreaking Exfoliator Wash Finally Unveiled by Silk House
CBS 9 Baton Rouge - Silk House New Attitude Exfoliating Cleanser Featured

Invisible Touch Peptide Serum with Daisy Extract 

International Business Times - Silk House Debuts Peptide Serum for Smoother, Softer Skin
San Jose Mercury News - Invisible Touch Serum from Silk House is an Anti-Aging Superstar
NBC 11 Lubbock - New Invisible Touch Anti-Aging Serum from Silk House by Emily Jean
The Buffalo News - Silk House Introduces Breakthrough Peptide Serum for Even-Toned Skin
The Kansas City Star - Luxury Skincare Company Announces Peptide Serum for Women

Eternal Flame Glycolic Moisturizer Crème

LA Daily News - Skin-Rejuvenating Moisturizer from Silk House by Emily Jean
ABC 11 Toledo - New Glycolic Moisturizer Hits the Market!
Anchorage Daily News - Silk House Debuts Brand New Glycolic Moisturizer for Dry Skin
Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Silk House Introduces Groundbreaking New Moisturizer Cream
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Eternal Flame Glycolic Moisturizer is a Gamechanger

Dream A Little Dream Retinol Night Crème

The Miami Herald - Silk House Retinol Creme Uses Cutting-Edge Ingredients to Fight Wrinkles
NBC Myrtle Beach - New Retinol Night Creme from Silk House is Making a Splash
The Island Packet - Introducing the Dream a Little Dream Retinol Creme from Silk House
CBS 5 Charleston - Silk House Debuts Breakthrough Retinol Cream For Smooth, Glowing Skin
Charlotte Observer - Luxury Skincare Company Silk House Unveils Anti-Aging Retinol Creme

Walking On Sunshine Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Silk House by Emily Jean is Turning Heads with Moisturizer Sunscreen
Bradenton Herald - Silk House Beauty Announces Rehydrating SPF Sunscreen
Fox 5 Las Vegas - New Moisturizer Sunscreen with SPF Hits the Market
NBC 3 Chattanooga - Walking on Sunshine Advanced Protection Sunscreen Featured - Introducing the Silk House Walking on Sunshine Moisturizer Sunscreen

Chill Out Anti-Puff Eye Gel

Boston Herald - Innovative Anti-Puff Eye Gel from Silk House is Turning Heads
The Sacramento Bee - Silk House by Emily Jean Debuts New Anti-Puff Eye Gel
ABC 40 Waco - The Anticipated Chill Out Eye Gel from Silk House is Finally Unveiled
The Columbus Ledger Enquirer - Silk House Anti-Puff Eye Gel Featured
The Network Journal - The New Eye Gel That Women Everywhere are Raving About

Hungry Eyes ALA Eye Lifting Crème

Star Tribune - Hungry Eyes ALA Eye Lifting Cream from Silk House is Turning Heads
AZ Central - An Inside Look at the Hungry Eyes Cream from Silk House by Emily Jean
CBS 19 Cleveland - Silk House Beauty Announces New Eye Lifting Cream
The Buffalo News - New Eye Lifting Cream from Silk House Featured
Kansas City Star - Silk House Finally Unveils Their Hungry Eyes ALA Eye Lifting Cream 



A Stranger Just told me I looked 30!

I am someone who tries every skincare product out there! I have tried $250 products and I have tried discount products. This serum by Silk House is very affordable and works as well as the most expensive serums I have tried...maybe better!...My skin is looking and feeling softer, younger and more smooth....I can't believe how young it makes me look! Do you think I look 55? I don't, thanks to Silk House!

- Pam J.

- Magically Smooth Skin

I am very picky when it comes to my skin and my skin can be very picky when it comes to skin care products. I added Invisible Touch 7 days ago and totally see a difference. My skin is much smoother and more supple. I can also see my blemish marks diminishing. It's a super simple step after you cleanse your skin. It smells amazing and it's not sticky. I can't wait to purchase the rest of the line from Silk House!!

- Dyan A.

- Just Wow! Awesome Products

I am 100% thrilled with Silk House, their customer service and the exfoliating facial cleanser! I have been using this product for about a week now and love how my skin looks and feels. This product comes in a slender bottle with a pretty label that easily fits on my small shower shelf. I would highly recommend this product and this company!!

- Melissa A.

- Best Skin Products I Have Ever Used!

I have tried many exfoliants over the years. But there are a few reasons why Silk House New Attitude beats them all. First, the citrusy scent is divine. Light and fruity and not overbearing. Next, the feel is just right.I'm so glad I discovered this brand and can't wait to see what else they offer.

- Tami S.

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